Fire Hydrant Systems

This is very effective extinguishing system suitable for various plants and high-rise buildings as well as commercial complexes. The system mainly consists of water storage reservoir (underground or aboveground), pump set, piping ring around the building and terminals in side the building, hydrant valves, hoses, branch pipes with nozzles and hose boxes. On the ring main the hydrant stand posts are provided with hydrant valves.

The system is of two types one is wet riser and other dry riser. The wet riser system is automatic type and dry riser is of manually operable.

In case of fire, the hose can be connected to the hydrant valve with the nozzles at the outlet end and the pump can be started. For automatic operation of the pump, the jockey pump is provided which normally pressurise the pipes and as soon as the valve is open and pressure reduces the main pump starts automatically.

With the help of pressure and ample amount of water, the jet from the nozzles can be projected at the base of fire to extinguish completely.

Advantages of Hydrant System:

  • Being fixed installation is very easy for operation and maintenance.
  • For major fire this is most useful system to control and extinguish since the availability of water and pressure at the base of fire.
  • As the hydrant ring outside building is underground, there is no hindrance for vehicles and do not affect due to fire.
  • The other systems such as water spray, sprinkler, foam system can be tapped from this system.
  • If the system is approved by TAC (Tariff Advisory Committee), the reduction in the insurance premium is obtained.